You’re likely an Uncommon Achiever.

Sometimes it’s hard to find someone who understands you – the goals, the challenges, the successes, the effort, and the future you want.

But we understand, and we’ve built a team that knows how to help you make the most of the work you’ve done, and the results you’ve been achieving.

A Process
for Uncommon

Uncommon achievement demands effort, intelligence, timing, teams and the ability to engage risk. However, when much of your wealth is wrapped up in your business endeavors, it creates a scenario that can quickly become untenable, and unstable.

That’s why we bring a process that helps Uncommon Achievers create clarity and simplicity, so that you can make decisions confidently. We work closely with other professional advisors on your team to make carefully assessed and judicious recommendations for advanced insurance approaches that bring the flexibility you want, and the protection you need.

Uncommon Achievers Need Four Things


Clarity always begins by understanding where you are, and where you’re going. We start by understanding what you’re facing, what you want and what’s getting the way so that the real challenges become clear.

We’ll take the time to understand what you’ve put in place already, who you’re working with, and how we may be able to best contribute to the future you want.


When the challenges are clear, the gaps become apparent. We’ll assess how to optimally address those gaps and provide clear recommendations that help you move forward.


Insurance-based approaches to risk require that you qualify for them before you implement them. Those qualifications are typically health-based, and the underwriting process will help identify your suitability for a specific solution and will impact how various options are priced.


With a clear picture of what you want, why you want it, the gaps and recommendations to address them, we’ll support and execute your decision through to full implementation. Our team professionally and responsively works with you through the entire process with an aim to ensure you have the freedom to build the future you want, while offsetting the risk that’s inherent to Uncommon Achievers.

Teams Matter

Dan O’Shaughnessy


Dan started O’Shaughnessy Financial (OSF) with the simple clarity that uncommon achievers need people who understand them. He started his career with Goldman Sachs and worked with some of the world’s largest companies, as well as actively helping businesses raise equity on the Toronto Stock Exchange during his time at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

During those years, Dan worked with business leaders that were achieving uncommon results, but had no one who understood them enough to provide the guidance and insights they needed. Dan understands. Whether it was his time as captain of the Syracuse Rowing Team or competing on the Cambridge Rowing Team, working with global businesses at Goldman Sachs, raising equity on the TSE, or the growth of OSF Partners, Dan has been an uncommon achiever – and he understands.

James Ward

CA, CPA - Partner

James brings our clients a level of insight and intelligence that’s difficult to find in most arenas. While there are many accountants in Canada, the pool that really understand the intelligent application of insurance-based approaches from a tax-intelligent perspective is small – and James is in that rarified group. He brings a work history that includes successes at Deloitte, time as a Senior Accountant, a Senior Hedge Fund Analyst at Goldman Sachs, and 7 years delivering boutique insurance advice before stepping up to the OSF Partners team.

James’ role as Partner has him lead the technical analysis and recommendations for our clients so that they offset the risks that their pursuits invariably present. Bright, attentive and incisive – James is someone our clients want to work with when they have important decisions that need to be right.

Mary Som

Chief Operating Officer

Mary knows that delivering business excellence demands attentiveness and discipline. With a B.A. in Criminology and Social Science, she has a habit of looking at details and understanding how they fit to create a result. This has served her well in her roles working in Investments, Group Insurance and, since 2013, with OSF Partners.

Mary is creative, positive, engaging, and focuses her attention on making sure OSF Partners delivers on its commitments.

Tim Pal

Managing Partner, Group Insurance

Tim's journey toward becoming a trusted insurance advisor has been shaped by his relentless pursuit of professional growth. For over a decade, he honed his skills at one of the leading insurance companies in North America; following his time at Sun Life, he worked with Canada’s largest benefits and pension consulting firm, People Corporation. During this time, he immersed himself in the complexities of the group insurance landscape, developing an intimate understanding of the challenges businesses and their employees face.

In addition to his technical acumen, Tim is highly regarded for his exceptional communication skills. He can explain complex insurance concepts clearly and concisely, ensuring his clients thoroughly understand their options and can make informed decisions. Driven by a passion for helping businesses thrive, Tim founded Rampart Benefits Inc., a boutique group insurance practice in Toronto, dedicated to providing unparalleled advice and thought leadership within the industry. By embracing technology and focusing on innovative solutions, his team is dedicated to revolutionizing the group insurance landscape in Canada.

Andy Anderson

Managing Partner, Group Insurance

With three decades of experience in the insurance industry, Andy Anderson is a seasoned veteran renowned for his exceptional attention to detail and extensive knowledge. Andy's expertise spans many areas within the insurance industry, including extensive work with multi-employer union groups and large enterprise clients across Canada and the US.

In addition to his extensive practical knowledge, Andy's actuarial skills set him apart as an invaluable resource during the negotiation process. His ability to interpret complex data and apply statistical models enables him to provide his clients with accurate projections and insights, empowering them to make informed decisions. With his extensive industry knowledge, attention to detail, and actuarial acumen, Andy will guide you through the complex world of insurance, offering strategic advice and delivering tangible results.

Adam Deffett

Adam has spent 20 years advising business leaders, entrepreneurs, and board directors in Canada and abroad. After spending his younger years representing Canada on the men’s national water polo team, he started his career with RBC Capital Markets. He spent 15 years in finance and capital markets before entering financial consulting. Throughout his experience working with successful business owners and executives, Adam saw how often these clients neglected their detailed personal planning and the need for trusted advisors.

Adam loves to dive into the details and enjoys the challenge of finding customized solutions for his clients. He holds a chartered financial analyst designation and uses his background in finance to measure risk and enhance returns.